Ham-Ji-Bak : Korean Traditional Wooden Bowls & Trays

Ham-ji-bak is the Korean name for a large wooden bowl. It had been one of the most common multi-purpose kitchen bowl for washing, mixing or storing food  until they were replaced by stainless steel or plastic. But Hamjibak is still being loved by many people for their memories in the old days or for the classical and natural beauty that traditional wooden pieces have. Or simply its practical function can be a reason for them to look for Hamjibak.

Hamjibak is a solid wooden container made of a large log dried and soaked in water for a long time so it is durable and stays long to be passed down from generation to generation.  Usually pine tree logs are used to make a bowl, and the center of the log is chiseled out to form a large round or oval shaped bowl. The finish of a bowl has a rough look because of the marks from chiseling  but these marks are what makes the bowl very unique leaving more natural and artistic feeling to a bowl.

In mordern Korea, often this Hamjibak is picked as a great vintage interior item as well as a kithenware which turns your ordinary meal table into a fancy one. You can find some modern Hamjibak here on superstorek.com to add a natural wooden centerpiece on your table. It will be perfect as a setting for a tabletop display. Shop for wooden bowls and trays here.