Learning to read Hanguel is as easy as 123 with the Hangeul Chart

Learning a foreign language might be one of the hardest thing to do. Learning the writing system may take weeks or even months to be able to read a text. I have seen many people who are interested in learning Korean but have no clue how to read Hangeul because Korean letters look totally different from Roman alphabets and seem hard to learn to read. As a navtive Korean who were born and educated in Korea, I fully understand it is hard to learn Korean for a foreigner as much I have struggled to learn English.

Acturally Hangeul, the Korean alphabet, is a phoenetic system like Roman alphabets. So if you learned how to read English, you can learn how to read Korean even easier. The differences are the way the Korean alphbets are written to make a sound and the unit is always begining with a consonant and followed by a vowel even there is no consonant sound at the beginning in English.

But it was not so easy to learn to read Korean for my daughter, who were born and educated in the US and could speak in Korean. She needed the easier way to learn Korean so I gave her The Fun to Learn Korean Alphabets - Hangeul Reading Chart, with which she could read Korean words instantly by making a combination of a consonant and a vowel on the chart. She found the chart very helpful, and asked me to share it with others who wants to read in Korean easier way. 

The chart includes Korean alphabet symbols grouped by consonants and vowels. Each symbol and its name is marked with Korean and rominization. IPA symbols are to help you understand the actual sound of letters. You will be able to read Korean letter units instantly by following letter combinations on the chart as demonstrated on the poster. 

You can purchase this chart on supertorek.com or amazon.com. You can also find many other text books about leaning Korean language that teach Korean grammars, idioms and more in various methods for students of all levels from beginning to advanced.