Wooden Model Kit 3D Puzzle - Gwanghwamun Gate

Wooden Model Kit 3D Puzzle - Gwanghwamun Gate

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Wooden Model Kit 3D Puzzle - Gwanghwamun Gyungbok Castle Gate

3D 나무퍼즐 모델키트 - 광화문

It can be a fun sunday afternoon project  or an educaltional challenge to your kids and family. Thin and small wooden puzzel pieces are laser cut delicately for more of a fun challenge. You might need fine-point tweezers for some parts that are very small and a craft knife may come in handy for some pieces that are stubborn to get off the board.  A wood glue is suppplied but you need rubber glue for roof tiles (not included). You can paint it using standard acrylic paints from the craft store to add a realistic touch to a finished work. 

The instructions for assembly are in both Korean and English,  and photo instructions to guide you visually through step by. 

  • Size : 200 x 400 x 95 mm (7.8"(L) x 15.7"(H) x 3.7"(H))
  • Time cosuming : 120 Min
  • Difficulty : 4 out of 6
  • Recommended for 12 years and up
  • Made in Korea
  • Unpainted. Painting kits are not included
  • Rubber glue for roof tiles are not included

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