Korean Alphabets- Hangeul Reading Chart 24x16in

Korean Alphabets- Hangeul Reading Chart 24x16in


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Fun to Learn Korean Alphabets- Hangeul Reading Chart 24x16in Matt Coated Poster

Teach yourself how to read Korean in a few minute! This Fun to Learn Korean Alphabet chart is designed and created by a Korean mom for her own children, who were born in the US, to teach how to read Korean in a easier way after trying many different methods. This is the secret educational know-how acquired by the author from her real experience teaching Korean to non-Korean speaking children and her educational background in lingustics. She made it simple and easy to understand the Korean writing and reading fundamentals for anyone who can read English.

The chart includes Korean alphabet symbols grouped by consonants and vowels, and each symbol and its name is marked with Korean and rominization reffering to the latest Korean grammer and linguistic standards governed by National Institute of Korean Language. In addition, IPA symbols are used to help understanding of the actual sound of letters. 

A brief overview about the Hangeul writing system and rules with illustrated examples will enable you to read Korean letter units instantly by following letter combinations on the chart. 

  • Size : 24x16 in (60x40cm). Hard poster paper
  • Coated with matt finish
  • Author & Publisher : Hyewon Lee. All rights reserved.
  • Printed in Korea. 
  • ISBN: 978-0999400005

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